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Before entering the wonderful world of still photography, I had a long and successful career in film and television design, where I’ve worked on hundreds (thousands!) of very diverse projects. But now I dedicate my design and composition skills to animal photography. With over 50,000 instagram followers I think my clients agree I am in the right job! Every animal I meet has its own unique personality, and capturing that with beautiful pictures is the best reward for being a photographer I have found yet.
Canon 5D Mark III Canon L series 70-200 mm f2.8 II lens Canon L series 100mm f2.8 II lens Canon L series 24-70 mm f2.8 II Lens Canon L series 16-35 mm f2.8 Lens Canon L series 50 mm f1.2 Lens
Animals. Pets mostly. I’ve always been surrounded by dogs, cats, tortoises, rabbits, and fish, and their personalities have all affected me. (Yes, even the fish!) My cat Blarney may be the grumpiest cat in London, but life wouldn’t be the same without him.


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