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加入时间: October 29, 2006


Herbert Julian is a Singapore based photographer who has been capturing people and their special events on camera since 2003. Julian born in Hong Kong, due to family influence, He picked up the passion for photography began as a hobby, he love to capture people expressions while walking in the street or all kind of events that he went. Since his teenage, Julian has obsessed with fashion. He had been travel to Japan frequently in 8 years, and fall in love with the culture and fashion in Japan. With the time pass on, he started to love fashion photography. In 2006, Julian has started Photography as his career. As time goes by, Julian was doing photography in fashion, event, food, products and wedding. In 2009, He received his International Fashion Photographer Award in NYC for JustProud.com, and appointed as Ambassador & Founding member. In 2010, as he work as in-house photographer, He was assigned as Personal Photographer for Jackie Chan the Movie Star in Hong Kong. Julian's Photographic journey had been recognized and He joined photographer competition in Singapore Reality Show, "The Big Shot 2" by Mediacorp Channel 5 in 2011. With his knowledge in Studio and outdoor photography, he won the 4th place.

As Julian love the combinations of the lights and people, he walk into nightlife once again and create all the special moment photos in all the party in June, 2013.

While Julian enjoys the day-to-day responsibilities of working with clients and running the photography business, the most rewarding aspect of his work is teaching the young photographers or the teenage who are photographer wanna-be, share with them the photography experience with them. It's this sense of satisfaction that drive him, to motivate and discovery more in photography with everyone.


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