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Gary Hanvy


Richmond, United States

334 个文件

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加入时间: January 25, 2016


Gary Hanvy lives and works in Richmond, Texas just outside of Houston. In 2007, he along with his wife Marian, through technical and creative collaboration, created GM Hanvy Photography. Gary is a retired semiconductor process engineer with a lifelong interest in photography. Early in his engineering career, his work in photolithography whetted his appetite for fine optics and fine photographs. His passion is capturing the world around him in an extraordinary way that evokes emotional and intellectual contemplation by the viewer.

Themes such as Backroad Memories depict subjects found on the side roads and backroads of rural America, most notably in rural Texas. While Vanishing Times are photographs taken today of subjects that belong to an earlier time. Whether the image is of a lonely tree on an isolated hill, or the worn exterior of an abandoned gas station from a bygone era, or the simplicity of a single flower, his goal is to capture an image that pulls the viewer into the photograph. He feels his job is complete only if a photograph brings happiness, warmth and contemplation, to a home or business.
Nikon D700, Nikkor Lenses
Landscapes, Vintage Automobiles, Rural Life, Bygone Times, Abandoned Buildings


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