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Thousand Oaks, United States

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Ginger’s love for photography was evident at a very young age. She would always have a camera in her hand and everywhere she went as a young girl. Her passion grew with age as she saw a photograph almost anywhere. At the young age of 16 she left New Jersey where she was born and raised until this point and moved to the land of opportunity as she saw it, California.
With over 15 years of captured images Ginger's goal is to showcase her works throughout the country. Doing art shows locally and always looking for new galleries. She has established a good local business doing weddings and other portraits. Her work gets special appreciation as it is a “new” perspective on the world.
Her viewers say that she has a very unique eye and angle on her work not to mention the colors, it’s just amazing photography
Sony Alpha A-700 Digital SLR. 12.2 megapixels. Lenses: 18-70/ 70-300
Nature, landscapes, people, businesses, night scenes


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