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My name is Gergő, I am living in a little village, Mikófalva, Hungary. This is a nice place all of Hungary, We have beautiful hills and lakes. When I have free time I'm always going to take pictures here, and after I always uploading these pictures to the weather's page. These pages is constantly posting my pictures, because I have a special skill of the colours. I really like the variety of the picture and usually I'm editing them. Many people is appreciating my category of "D.G. Fantasy colorful shot". This is my special skill. I would to share these pictures to all people and also I would to reach major success of my photography.

You can watch my anothers page this link:
Sony E2303, Samsung GT-i9070P, Fujifilm Finepix 5600s
Nature, History, Astrology


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图像供稿人 Mikófalva, Hungary, Hungary

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