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George Oprea


Sinaia, Romania

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加入时间: May 9, 2016


don’t say much but I show a lot. This is how I am, this is how I feel.

I was born at the mountain side and I grew up building tree houses, fighting imaginary wars with the kids in the neighborhood, climbing cliffs, searching the woods for new tools and new ideas-on short, I grew up creating stories.
Along the way, after going through the suffering of being too young but not old enough I started thinking more of the present, of the moments that go by and that can never be taken I opened up to photography.
For a long time I managed to take everything from life. I combined my two biggest passions, snowboarding and photography, and it was great! Then I travelled a bit, I saw places, I met people, I felt everything, and it was amazing!
Now...even though one would expect that something had hit me, or something had changed, the truth is... I want to do this forever.

As for my work, besides collaborating on a regular basis with Discovery Romania, Parc Film, Evenimentul Zilei & Capital newspaper and TED x, I have done a series of winter sports events videos and short movies, one of which was nominated to Cannes Festival in 2013, and, as I am a bit of an environmentalist I have obtained a couple of awards for some of my shorts in the competition “I want a cleaner Romania”.
But enough of that!

You can see here what I have done and hopefully you will find yourselves in these silent stories of the present that has just past.


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