Mario O. Gener Hernández


C. Habana, Cuba

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加入时间: June 28, 2007

I am a semi-professional photographer with special interest in macro photography and portraits. I shoot all kinds of pictures though; I love to experiment to learn new s and techniques of photography. I am relatively new to the micro stock business but I am very excited about the possibilities these can offer, and the fun that comes along with it.

I am working with a borrowed camera Sony DSC S730 now since all my equipments are not digital yet. So I am doing my very best to obtain enough budget to acquire my professional one. Until I get there, though my productivity is low, I am working very hard to come up with results, as near as they be possible, to those from professionals in terms of quality.
Digital Camera SONY Cyber-Shot DSC S730
Landscapes; Macro Photography; Portraits; Lightbox photos; Isolated


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图像供稿人 C. Habana, Cuba, Cuba

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