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With our diverse knowledge in Media Production, Training videos and manuals, Technical Writing, and Technical Drawings; we are able to help you define how to best represent your products and services. Furthermore, we are also able to help you differentiate your company so you stand out. We specialize in producing promotional, instructional, and training media to best fit your needs and your budget. Our Training media is written clearly and concisely, so it is easy to understand. We have over 12 years experience in producing Training and assembly media, and have just as much experience in Technical Drawing. We are knowledgeable in video production techniques which we will use to make your business and products come to life. Our mission is to use all of our experience to meet your needs.
Digital Camera: Nikon D70 with standard 18mm to 70mm lens. Also use 80mm to 200mm telephoto for distant shots. Scanner is an HP office jet Pro. Video Camera - digital: Cannon GL-2
Nature - especially when I camp in Maine and New Hampshire. Camping / RVing Karate (shaolin Kempo)


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图像供稿人 Beverly, United States, United States

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