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Ojai, United States

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加入时间: September 25, 2006

I feel a need and a passion to express myself through pictures. When I move around in the world, I see pictures everywhere. My goal is to capture the history and the feeling I sense and pass it on in the shape of a photo. Some emotions and stories are harder to locate and I have to create an expression that describes it. Life is amazing and it is the little things that make it so exciting. I would love to help people notice and cherish the little things in life.
Nikon D2x and D200 as backup Nikon 18-200mm Nikon 17-55 mm Nikon 12-24mm Nikon 10,5 mm Nikon 60 mm Nikon 300 mm Cubelite Interfit softboxes and colorflash Apple computers Photoshop CS2
I like to take pictures of people and closeups of things. Capturing the moment.


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图像供稿人 Ojai, United States, United States

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