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Scottsdale, United States

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Frank Stallone was born in Giovinazzo, Bari, Italy in 1947. As a young boy became enchanted by the magical sights and smells of his beloved town and began documenting his experiences with a camera.

Moving to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona as an adult, he immersed himself fully into photography.

Stallone relies on his intuition for the composition of his photographs. Each image invokes an emotion in us, stops us for a moment, reminding us of this miracle of life we all share.

His Tuscan homes with their wash hung outside, invite us in, as would the aromas from their kitchens, visible through flower-framed windows. Stallone's still lifes of flowers, ripe fruits, and vegetables, cajole us to savor their tastes and fragrances. Animal images startle us with their primal beauty.

His images inspire us to live, not just exist.
Nikon D7100
Wildlife Nature Landscapes Architecture

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图像供稿人 Scottsdale, United States, United States

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