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Romualdas Vaitkus


Tauragė, Lithuania

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加入时间: January 10, 2015


Origin from Taurage (Lithuania). 48 years old. Married. I am work at Taurage Cultural Centre, being the head of the Photo Gallery and teacher Students Activity Cenre photo-video studio „Frame“. Freelancer photographer. Since 1999 the member of Lithuania Photoartists Association. Member of Lithaunia Press club.

Photo series arranged: „Psychoneurological lodging of Adakavas“ (1999)
„Nowadays in Tilze“ (2000-2003)
„Memories from USA“ (1995-2004)
„Heritage Kaliningrad“ 2005

Personal exhibitions: * Taurage „Santakos“ Museum -„Memories from
USA“ (1998)
* Tautage Cultural Centre - „Fashion and Beauty“
* Professional Training Centre - „Nature and
Architecture“ (2002)
* Krakow Youth Centre of Jordan (Poland)
„Nature in Details“ (2002)
* Frankfurt/Main (Germany) „Sepia – Virage“
* Personal photoexhibition in photogallery of
Taurage (2006)
* Visual letters for Plaskiai. (2007)

Combined exhibitions: *Anual exhibition of Taurage photographers
( 1998 – 2004)
· Klaipeda Photo Gallery (2000-2003)
· Belchatow (Poland) „Thought of Nature“ (2002)
· Kedainiai Cultural Centre (2003)
· Panevezys Ethnographic Museum (2003)
· Annual exhibition in Chicago of World Lithuanians (1998-2004)
· Exhibition in Ryga (Latvia)
Canon 1D Mark III Canon 5D Mark II Canon 5D Mark III Full line L lenses
Architecture, landscape, people


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图像供稿人 Tauragė, Lithuania, Lithuania

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