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Feedback needed
Hello everyone, It would be great if you could review my portfolio and give some feedback....
创建人 Shaereemukherjee,
on 01/03/2018
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最后发表: on 01/03/2018,
发帖人 Astormfr
Portfolio review request
Please review my portfolio....
创建人 Itsadream,
on 08/11/2017
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最后发表: on 01/01/2018,
发帖人 Helga555
Please review my recent images
Hello everyone!...
创建人 Helga555,
on 12/03/2017
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最后发表: on 12/13/2017,
发帖人 Helga555
Pls give some comments
Hi All,   I am not new, but have illness and rest for years....
创建人 Hkrunning,
on 12/07/2017
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最后发表: on 12/09/2017,
发帖人 Hkrunning
1 sell / month , pls review my portofolio
Hi there,  I'm on DT from June 2016 but i started to upload serious in Jan 2017....
创建人 Axylexu,
on 07/23/2017
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最后发表: on 11/12/2017,
发帖人 TheSlowWalkers
Yellow cyclamen?
There is a photo here of a yellow cyclamen flower by Yurakp: https://www....
创建人 Treehugger53ah,
on 10/04/2017
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最后发表: on 10/06/2017,
发帖人 Therealdarla
Feedback please on my portfolio
Hi,  I'd like some feedback please on the images that i have up, i'm not a professional photographer by any means and i use natural light and mostly sunny conditions due to lack of equipment, i'm using 35mm at the moment and i'm really enjoying it, but i'd like people to point out where i can do better and maybe also what you think i have got right....
创建人 Zombiesnapper,
on 09/23/2017
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最后发表: on 09/23/2017,
发帖人 Mgphotostock
Please take a look on my portfolio!
Hey everyone, I joined Dreamstime a week ago and already got some photos approved....
创建人 Henrik998,
on 09/14/2017
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最后发表: on 09/15/2017,
发帖人 Wisconsinart
Coming with New and Updated Collections
Hello my friend designers and contributors,  I'm still new here, no sales yet....
创建人 Mgphotostock,
on 08/07/2017
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最后发表: on 08/08/2017,
发帖人 Mgphotostock
Please Give Me Some Honest Opinions
Hi All,  I'm an amateur photographer who aspires to become more professional....
创建人 Jp582chi,
on 06/15/2017
726 浏览量
4 回复数
最后发表: on 07/31/2017,
发帖人 Rik57
New to this
Hello, I recently started doing photography and photoshopping, and I am looking for any advice that you may suggest....
创建人 Adoara,
on 07/21/2017
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最后发表: on 07/22/2017,
发帖人 Adoara
Feedback on my images please
Hi all i would really appreciate some feedback on my images please?...
创建人 Jmphotography4,
on 07/14/2017
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最后发表: on 07/15/2017,
发帖人 Jmphotography4
Emergency Review Please
Hello,  I want to know my photos are how by other's eye?...
创建人 Mgphotostock,
on 07/14/2017
328 浏览量
3 回复数
最后发表: on 07/15/2017,
发帖人 Mgphotostock
My pictures
Hi, could you Tell me please your opinion to my pictures ?...
创建人 Postovnibalik3,
on 06/21/2017
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最后发表: on 06/22/2017,
发帖人 Postovnibalik3
Required expert advice and criticism on my portfolio
My 100th photo goes online today, but no sale yet....
创建人 Nsanwariya,
on 03/16/2017
868 浏览量
9 回复数
最后发表: on 06/11/2017,
发帖人 Ecipch
Please critique my work - New(ish) on here and after 6 months, only 1 sell
Hi all  As for my title, I've been on Dreamstime for last six months and was giving up....
创建人 Tim2infinity,
on 06/05/2017
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最后发表: on 06/09/2017,
发帖人 Tim2infinity
How Do I Purchase Videos?
There are several problems here, and people shouldn't have to go through the rigmarole of requesting help....
创建人 Valdezmail1,
on 04/01/2017
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最后发表: on 05/23/2017,
发帖人 Resnicpi
Hello to all talented photographers!...
创建人 Aviram78,
on 08/19/2016
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最后发表: on 05/22/2017,
发帖人 Josunshine
Please analyse my photos
创建人 Danieltork12,
on 12/23/2016
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最后发表: on 05/22/2017,
发帖人 Josunshine
Pls help me
Why my pictures are not seen....
创建人 Axylexu,
on 01/29/2017
1,131 浏览量
13 回复数
最后发表: on 05/15/2017,
发帖人 Seawatch1

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