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My Account Hacked And Earnings All Gone  
Hi,  I haven't been logged in for a few years....
创建人 Zuura,
today at 00:48
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最后发表: today at 00:48,
发帖人 Zuura
Where are my favorite contributors now?
Hello all DT's,  I cannot seem to find my favorite contributors any longer, nor any of my referred contributors....
创建人 Snookless,
4 days ago at 16:00
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最后发表: 2 days ago at 13:07,
发帖人 Astormfr
Downloading your own images
Is there a way to download your own images (obviously without paying for them)?...
创建人 Myfairies,
on 08/18/2017
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最后发表: 2 days ago at 00:40,
发帖人 Rejittiachan
Smart Phone Post Processing
Has anyone used Photoshop to process an image taken with a Smartphone?...
创建人 Jp582chi,
5 days ago at 00:05
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最后发表: 4 days ago at 08:27,
发帖人 Astormfr
Have had now 7 sales since i became a member last june, I feel so happy as i do not think my photos are that good,so thank you Dreamstime i will now keep uploading....
创建人 Hilsdon25,
on 04/02/2018
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最后发表: 6 days ago at 10:35,
发帖人 Jayemm
Light Tents
Hello,  I've been looking into using a light tent to photograph small objects....
创建人 Jp582chi,
on 04/08/2018
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最后发表: on 04/11/2018,
发帖人 Jp582chi
Image size
When I do an illustration in photoshop, it sometimes are very hard to get the final image to be at least 4 mp....
创建人 Viridana,
on 04/02/2018
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最后发表: on 04/02/2018,
发帖人 Maigi
When editing keywords should i use commas (,) between them or use space instead?
when editing keywords should i use commas (,) between them or use only space?...
创建人 Omerkamal1,
on 03/25/2018
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最后发表: on 03/25/2018,
发帖人 Therealdarla
Site updating...not.  关闭
This will probably be fixed as soon as I post this but....
创建人 Rik57,
on 03/12/2018
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最后发表: on 03/12/2018,
发帖人 Rik57
How to search for our images online
I know there's a tool within Dreamstime for searching the web for our images but I'm having a lot of trouble finding it....
创建人 Visionimaging,
on 03/04/2018
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最后发表: on 03/06/2018,
发帖人 TheSlowWalkers
Editors choice images  关闭
Do all images selected as Editors Choice always get displayed on the EC pages?...
创建人 Rik57,
on 03/04/2018
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最后发表: on 03/04/2018,
发帖人 BCritchley
  Is it slow on here lately, or is it me?...
创建人 Bdelaney34,
on 12/20/2017
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最后发表: on 03/03/2018,
发帖人 Peachpappa
Photo of Model not showing in the MODELS section
Hi guys, I uploaded one model release in the past....
创建人 Rosevite2000,
on 02/18/2018
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最后发表: on 02/23/2018,
发帖人 Rosevite2000
My bio submission selfie suddenly changed
My bio selfie somehow just changed, to my most recent submission photo....
创建人 Peachpappa,
on 02/22/2018
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最后发表: on 02/22/2018,
发帖人 Peachpappa
Free Download Is Not Free
I'm new to this site....
创建人 Sciorelli,
on 02/21/2018
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最后发表: on 02/22/2018,
发帖人 Malinash
Adding image to message board
A number of these messages have asked to share photos on these message boards....
创建人 Peachpappa,
on 02/17/2018
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最后发表: on 02/20/2018,
发帖人 Peachpappa
Won't stop uploading
I tried asking the admin about this, but the answer did not seem to apply....
创建人 Peachpappa,
on 01/10/2018
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最后发表: on 02/15/2018,
发帖人 Peachpappa
No idea how to download images
Hi there, I purchased 11 credits to use on this website but when I click on an image to download it redirects me to the payment options when I have already paid....
创建人 Catsah,
on 02/11/2018
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最后发表: on 02/12/2018,
发帖人 Rik57
Content FIlter Issues  关闭
Anyone else notice inoffensive, innocuous, images being flagged as offensive and being filtered by the content filter?...
创建人 Rik57,
on 02/09/2018
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最后发表: on 02/09/2018,
发帖人 Rik57
Images bypassing PENDING?
Do we have a super fast image review in effect or are some images going directly from UNFINISHED to ONLINE, bypassing PENDING completely?...
创建人 Rik57,
on 01/12/2018
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最后发表: on 02/07/2018,
发帖人 Unteroffizier

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