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Hello everyonel
Hello everyone!...
创建人 Night88wm,
4 days ago at 23:55
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最后发表: 2 days ago at 08:03,
发帖人 Therealdarla
How do I upload vectors via FTP?
Hi guys I got an FTP program for my Mac, and was able to connect....
创建人 Moneca1,
on 04/29/2012
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最后发表: on 07/05/2018,
发帖人 THPStock
Clipart Illustrations Question
Can you use cliparts with CCO licenses to make make your own stock photo then upload on here and be fine?...
创建人 Gluestick,
on 06/14/2018
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最后发表: on 06/15/2018,
发帖人 Gluestick
New painting technique
Hello , I discovered new technique of painting And I want hear your opinions on this style ....
创建人 Postovnibalik3,
on 05/28/2018
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最后发表: on 05/29/2018,
发帖人 Postovnibalik3
创建人 Lesnivila,
on 03/31/2018
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最后发表: on 03/31/2018,
发帖人 Therealdarla
How to create a raster graphic for DT?
Hello all,   a lot of my raster graphics were refused, because the editor found jagged lines for e....
创建人 Lesnivila,
on 03/13/2018
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最后发表: on 03/14/2018,
发帖人 Lesnivila
Question regarding vectors and property releases
Hi All I have a number of illustrations on Dreamstime without property releases, even though I do have the reference sketches or photos (my own sketches or photos) for my vectors as I have uploaded them to another site....
创建人 Saltwateroz,
on 02/02/2018
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最后发表: on 03/14/2018,
发帖人 Therealdarla
DT Now Accepting SVG Files
Hello everyone,  I just learned that SVG files now are accepting SVG files (after sent my inquiry to Contact Us-DT and saw that on similar questions that shown after sent the inquiry, honestly I surprised)....
创建人 Mgphotostock,
on 09/24/2017
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最后发表: on 02/02/2018,
发帖人 Saltwateroz
Download bought illustration
Hi All,  I've just bought some credits but I cannot see any links to download the illustrations can someone please tell me how I can download the illustrations....
创建人 Marie2263,
on 10/19/2017
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最后发表: on 10/20/2017,
发帖人 Malinash
Requirements for vector..
what are the requirements for uploading vector illustrations in dreamstime?...
创建人 Margorita,
on 11/18/2009
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最后发表: on 10/07/2017,
发帖人 Pnetodepaula
Including Type in Your Illustration
hi everyone, ive been browsing through the board hoping to find an answer to this, so i apologise if its been asked a million times before, maybe i was searching for the wrong phrase....
创建人 Agathabrown,
on 10/04/2017
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最后发表: on 10/04/2017,
发帖人 Agathabrown
Additional Files : Is it included in the each download or not?
创建人 lungxueqiu,
on 09/20/2017
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最后发表: on 09/26/2017,
发帖人 lungxueqiu
Going Illustrator
Hello everybody,  I'm new for illustrating, how can I get started to be illustrator?...
创建人 Mgphotostock,
on 09/14/2017
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最后发表: on 09/14/2017,
发帖人 Mgphotostock
Pricing illustrations
I'm a newbie and I'm not sure about pricing my illustrations....
创建人 Cleaverbill1,
on 08/15/2017
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最后发表: on 08/15/2017,
发帖人 Cleaverbill1
What is commertial and editorial license? which price should I put for picture while downloading?
While downloading a picture, Is it necessary to put a tick - MSRP (recommended price) , or I need to change to a more realistic value of the image....
创建人 Faleev,
on 09/16/2016
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最后发表: on 08/15/2017,
发帖人 Cleaverbill1
Approval of additional format - EPS
Hi all....
创建人 Subarashii21,
on 01/25/2012
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最后发表: on 08/13/2017,
发帖人 Therealdarla
Is it better to submit an illustration as an editorial than a commercial image for assignments?.
创建人 Billy23577,
on 08/02/2017
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最后发表: on 08/03/2017,
发帖人 Malinash
3D renders and what is allowed
Hi everyone  This question may have been asked already but I've tried searching and haven't been able to find what I wanted....
创建人 Bitesize,
on 07/23/2017
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最后发表: on 07/24/2017,
发帖人 Bitesize
Hello every one....
创建人 Zafarkhan132639,
on 01/18/2017
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最后发表: on 07/21/2017,
发帖人 Jcreation1
Blog Cover Resolution vs Required Resolution (Urgent)
Hello everyone, I'm thinking for making some blog / website covers but they are having a default resolution level....
创建人 Mgphotostock,
on 07/20/2017
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最后发表: on 07/20/2017,
发帖人 Mgphotostock

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