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Do i need to change RGB to CMYK?
Hi,    I'm sending images off to a lithopress printers....
创建人 Jonnycwh,
on 10/29/2009
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最后发表: on 08/11/2018,
发帖人 Daross1
Screen printing
Hello, new here and I'm not sure what I need to do about using an image that I like....
创建人 Ronmax68,
on 07/15/2017
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最后发表: on 07/16/2017,
发帖人 TMarchev
Ebook cover and copyright...
Sorry for posting a maybe stupid question: I wrote an Ebook and going to sell it....
创建人 Epicmagnagraecias,
on 10/28/2016
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最后发表: on 10/28/2016,
发帖人 Epicmagnagraecias
Are files transparent
I'm looking to use file ID 25375983 for a logo on a website....
创建人 Laineylaine1,
on 02/23/2015
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最后发表: on 05/28/2016,
发帖人 Alicebelanger0101
First upload
Hi, new to the site and trying my first upload, but the submit button doesn't do anything after uploading the file....
创建人 Stephendt,
on 01/24/2016
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最后发表: on 01/26/2016,
发帖人 Stephendt
Image for new cookbook cover
My client has selected this beautiful photo in Spices and Herbs ID 3602549 © Brian Chase | Dreamstime....
创建人 Designonline,
on 06/03/2015
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最后发表: on 10/26/2015,
发帖人 Keremgo
File Sizes
So, I've read on here that you only require 72DPI for files which are to be used online as opposed to higher resolution files for printing....
创建人 Laineylaine1,
on 02/23/2015
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最后发表: on 02/24/2015,
发帖人 Laineylaine1
P-EL license quesiton
I'm developing a card game in which I intend to use several pictures....
创建人 Ralithar,
on 11/28/2014
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最后发表: on 11/28/2014,
发帖人 Ralithar
Is my scanner good enough to scan hand made illustrations or should I buy a new one??? Needing advice...
Hi I have been drawing with pen and ink, watercolors on paper....
创建人 Moneca1,
on 05/15/2014
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最后发表: on 10/06/2014,
发帖人 BCritchley
Car photo
First of all, exuse me for my bad english....
创建人 Djozdesign,
on 09/03/2014
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最后发表: on 09/03/2014,
发帖人 Djozdesign
Royalty-Free or P-EL verification
Hi There  I am just toying with the idea of creating my own tarot deck and was thinking of using photos as well as photo-shopping them and adapting them, maybe blending two or three images together, i don't know if this is allowed i am a bit confused by the rules etc, eventually with a view to getting them printed and selling them on my site to my customers....
创建人 Annemariekell,
on 03/06/2012
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最后发表: on 08/08/2014,
发帖人 Apkvale48
Can one of the 9....
创建人 Allenmorr,
on 06/30/2014
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最后发表: on 08/07/2014,
发帖人 Slugmonkey
All in one Photo Printer?
Does anyone know of a good all in one photo printer from any brand but Epson?...
创建人 J0yce,
on 11/29/2006
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最后发表: on 10/22/2013,
发帖人 Nikon4004
Magazine Cover - Bunch of flowers by Talisalex
We're using the above-referenced photo on the cover of our July-August 2013 magazine....
创建人 Masterkey,
on 05/29/2013
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最后发表: on 07/02/2013,
发帖人 Masterkey
Need help with purchase..."your message here"
Hi all    just purchased 7078677    I see it is in jpg format not png    I need to remove the text....
创建人 Deana,
on 04/20/2009
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最后发表: on 05/12/2013,
发帖人 Dudau
New to this - prints?
Hi, So I have found the picture I want, then realise on this site its down loads and they dont print and send the pic to you....
创建人 Rebeccajelley,
on 11/24/2012
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最后发表: on 11/25/2012,
发帖人 Rebeccajelley
A very new user needs help with basics (hopefully will help others too)
Greetings to all within Dreamstime....
创建人 Claneath,
on 04/25/2012
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最后发表: on 10/31/2012,
发帖人 Justfenix
Clipping Path..how do they know?  关闭
Just curious, when I include a clipping path in one of my submissions do I need to state it somewhere?...
创建人 Snookless,
on 09/13/2011
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最后发表: on 09/13/2011,
发帖人 Snookless
Short tutorial: Press or non-press printing
The most usual image modes, reguarding colors, are RGB, CMYK and gray....
创建人 Costa007,
on 09/06/2006
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最后发表: on 02/22/2011,
发帖人 Digitalexpressionimages
Tif files better than jpg for 4-color process printing?
The pieces I am designing, when completed in Illustrator or InDesign, are converted to pdf by an cmyk print engine provided by my offsite 4 color print provider....
创建人 Allalvin,
on 09/23/2010
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最后发表: on 02/21/2011,
发帖人 Digitalexpressionimages

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