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Support ignoring my email
I sent in a support email to Dreamstime on the 11th of December and no reply....
创建人 Redhenry,
on 12/22/2017
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最后发表: today at 07:48,
发帖人 Malinash
Post your own photo which you think is very good but no one buy for a very long period
创建人 Hkrunning,
2 days ago at 05:17
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最后发表: today at 06:17,
发帖人 Garamount
My last TIFF sale
I would like to complement two these threads - [link=http://www....
创建人 Igordabari,
on 06/26/2012
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最后发表: today at 02:17,
发帖人 Digikhmer
New assignment - My neighborhood
In our rush to plan special trips to places we've never seen before, setting up our photography gear and making plans to what landmarks to shoot when we get there, we skip something that's right in front of our eyes and, most of the time, underrated: our area of living....
创建人 Malinash,
on 12/11/2017
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最后发表: yesterday at 14:45,
发帖人 Shootalot
Credit sales?
Is anyone getting anything other than 42 cent sales these days and if so what´s your secret?...
创建人 Steveacer,
on 10/21/2015
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最后发表: yesterday at 14:10,
发帖人 Steveacer
Dear Dreamstime
Dear Dreamstime,  I am writing this letter to you as it seems something has changed for myself and quite likely a lot of other forum using contributors recently, something that is affecting our sales....
创建人 Rickdeacon,
on 06/03/2016
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最后发表: 2 days ago at 04:31,
发帖人 Steveacer
Once upon an April day
While browsing the Internet one sunny day, President Obama magically discovered Dreamstime and became a fan of our site....
创建人 Malinash,
on 03/31/2015
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最后发表: 2 days ago at 01:33,
发帖人 Patidardsp1997
Good start to 2018
For me, I have had a really good start with sales since the 1st of January, and I was wondering how other contributors are doing?...
创建人 Bobbrooky,
4 days ago at 11:11
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最后发表: 2 days ago at 00:59,
发帖人 Steveacer
MY FIRST SALE!!!!!!!!!
创建人 Vishalmahajan037,
on 12/26/2017
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最后发表: 3 days ago at 07:03,
发帖人 Vishalmahajan037
Finding a particular photo
When you are looking for a particular photo of your own, is there a way, aside from scanning through each one, to find one in particular more quickly?...
创建人 Charlottep68,
6 days ago at 20:00
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最后发表: 5 days ago at 19:44,
发帖人 Hkrunning
Post your photos with strange / unexpected keywords used to find it
Sometimes buyer finds your photo using very unexpected keyword or combination of keywords....
创建人 Pulsar124,
on 03/24/2013
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最后发表: 5 days ago at 18:55,
发帖人 Tuftedpuffin
Milestones thread
Image 540 000 is now online....
创建人 Nikitu,
on 08/08/2006
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最后发表: 5 days ago at 06:27,
发帖人 Kto
FTP trouble  关闭
I cannot upload files via StockSubmitter or FileZilla....
创建人 Dave8871,
on 01/15/2018
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最后发表: on 01/15/2018,
发帖人 Dave8871
27 Sales in One Order
Greetings fellow contributing photogs....
创建人 Mccallk69,
on 01/10/2018
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最后发表: on 01/13/2018,
发帖人 Mccallk69
Publish Service Lightroom to Dreamstime. How to do ?
 Sorry if this have been asked before but I cannot find the answer....
创建人 Tamas,
on 01/12/2018
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最后发表: on 01/12/2018,
发帖人 Tamas
Question on Views
I've been on DT for ~4 months & 360 images so far....
创建人 Zeljkokcanmore,
on 01/09/2018
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最后发表: on 01/12/2018,
发帖人 Rik57
Post your Panoramic images here
It would be good to see what other contributors panoramic images look like and how they were produced....
创建人 Ajv123ajv,
on 06/23/2015
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最后发表: on 01/12/2018,
发帖人 Victordiola
Hi, sorry for my English, though I'll try to be very clear....
创建人 Feel2,
on 12/15/2016
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最后发表: on 01/10/2018,
发帖人 Visionimaging
New payment option: Payoneer MasterCard personalized for Dreamstime
We're happy to announce that starting today you can request payments via Payoneer....
创建人 Achilles,
on 12/15/2008
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189 回复数
最后发表: on 01/09/2018,
发帖人 Amthew648
Dreamstime, with a different look
Dear all,  Yes, we admit it....
创建人 Tangie,
on 05/16/2017
6,971 浏览量
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最后发表: on 01/08/2018,
发帖人 Malinash

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