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Barry Fassina


West Vancouver, Canada

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加入时间: February 21, 2013

I have over 20 years of experience as a producer, director, writer, editor, graphics, audio, lighting, cameraperson, in broadcast, commercial, corporate, medical and religious production, which is a definite plus for your company in the areas of video production, public relations/communications, marketing, fund raising, staff education, A/V set-up and presentations along with live event coordination and facility tours. I feel strongly that I would be an excellent candidate for a position with your organization. Some of my duties and responsibilities required me to generate budgets and to verify all invoices from contracted services. I ensured that telecast, advertising standards, cue sheets and other paper work are correct for broadcast. I would create production timelines; spreadsheets and reports to ensure all parties would stay on track to ensure the project deadline was met. I would be in charge of generating meetings with sponsors and clients. I would also chair a postproduction meeting to see if we meet our goals and how we might improve from the budget standpoint to the creative process. I have established contracts with a number of organizations such as Vuteq Canada Inc., Chubu Industries Co. Inc. of Japan, Ford Motor Company, Walker Exhaust, Rogers TV Listings Channel, Bard Canada Inc., the Ministry of Community and Social Services and it’s related agencies and the Ministry of Health and it’s related agencies. I have been involved with projects across the country for the Canadian Provincial Departments of Tourism, Culture and Recreation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Shandwick Canada Inc. promoting tourism in the Caribbean and Massachusetts. I have completed productions for the London Police Department, the London Fire Department, the Fireman Challenge (TSN), the Mady Corporation, Moffat and Powell, Aamco, Ziebart, Sight Plans Inc., Oracle, Medix School, Partners In Research, Healthy Body Services, Esthetique SPA International, Sandy Lane Resort, the Williams Law Firm, the University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College student recruitment program. I have worked on productions for Canadian Tire Corporation, the Business Development Corporation and The Health Television System Inc. I have also been involved with internationally broadcast television series. I have also held a crew position on the Michael Moore film “Sicko”. The broadcast, commercial, corporate, medical and religious experience gained from the above pa
Canon 7D
My favourite subjects to shoot are wildlife and landscapes.


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