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Nadia Russell


Nassau, Bahamas

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加入时间: November 4, 2007

Fantaji Myou simply means fantasy made to reality. My mission is to materialize that which is only still a dream. Orchestrate that dream and
captivate that onto digiifilm. That's my fantaji myou and I live it everyday. Everyone has a Fantaji Myou whats yours?
Nikon D200 18-135mm *Soon to get* 50mm f1.4 lens Film: Minolta Maxxum 50 AF Zoom 28-100mm lens My equipment list is growing... will post updates.
Everything! But mostly people and fantasy themes. People are far more interesting to me, even though I find I am captivated by nature and every so often random things like old buildings or 6 wheeler monster trucks. My work will reflect those things I like most and eventually I will develop my style enough to know what I love the most! For now I know I LOVE photography. :)

图像供稿人 Nassau, Bahamas, Bahamas

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