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I belong to beautiful central Indian city of Indore. Indore is famous for its pleasant nights and for its culinary range and is known for its wide variety of "Namkeens", Poha & Jalebi, Chaats (snacks). My roots are here. Fond childhood memories, a livelihood that encapsulates animation and graphics, and the beginning of my "picturesque" journey....I attribute this to Indore. Home is where the heart is....mine is here for sure.

I'm passionate about nature, and my photography reflects that.
I view the world through my lenses and capture the beauty of our world in the most innate manner possible.Yes, I'm an avid photographer, having competed internationally and having had the good fortune of rubbing shoulders with some of the best talent in this field. I have deep reverence for the Creator, and his limitless creations leave me spellbound.

I'm not a photographer by profession, but more of an amateur who's always had an inclination to capture nature's creations and man's inventions on his lens.

I love to click everything indiscriminately be it Portraits, Macro, Landscapes, Flora, Architecture, Table Top etc.,

In Feb-2009 I was shortlisted in Sony World Photography Awards in Natural History Category. That photo was exhibited in Palais De Festival, Cannes, France, and featured in SWPA winners Book.

One of my click has represented my City Indore in Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk.

Recently one of my Photograph is awarded an Honorable Mention in International Photo Awards.

And one of my photo 'Save Trees' will be part of the itinerant Climate change exhibition in Malta,

Its an exhibition by Friends of Earth International, Malta on Climate Change.

Hope you enjoy the photographic display on my website....and I'd love to receive your honest comments....bouquets and brickbats are always welcome
Canon EOS 7D, Canon 70-300 USM IS Lens, Canon 50mm f/1.8, Canon EF-S 17-85 IS, Elinchrome D2 Lights, sony DSC H2 Camera
Nature, Flora, Birds & Wildlife, Portraits, Architecture and landscapes


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