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Steven Jones


80797 Munich, Germany

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加入时间: March 17, 2008


Curriculum Vitae Etien was born 1948 in Takoma Park near Washington, D.C. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Rutgers University, he turned entirely to painting and photography. Studied at the Art Students League in New York City under Julian Levi and Robert Brackmann. Presently lives in Munich, Germany. Principle Exhibitions 1975- Lahaina Art Society/Hawaii 1976- Foundation Karolyi/Vence Galerie Artpress International/Nice 1977- Lahnstein Stadthalle/Lahnstein Galerie Artpress International/Nice 1978- "Metamorphoses" Grand Palais/Paris Galerie Artpress International/Nice Salon International/Toulon Galerie Franklin Roosevelt/Toulon- Salon de Nöel/Boll‚ne 1979- Galerie Clasen/Nice "Racines" Grand Palais/Paris Galerie Verri‚re/Lyon 1980- Galerie Jacques Boulan/Paris "Comparaisons" Grand Palais/Paris Galerie Clasen/Nice 1981- Galerie Bäumler/Regensburg Amerika Haus/Munich U.M.A.M. Galerie de la Marine/Nice Galerie Bollhagen/Worpswede 1982- Galerie Clasen/Nice 1983- Haus der Kunst/Munich Galerie Götz/Stuttgart- 1984- Galerie Krivy/Nice Galerie Clasen/Nice Martin Gallery/Washington, D.C. 1985- 112 Greene Street/New York City 112 Greene Street/Three Man Show/New York City 1986-Gallery Art 54/New York City 1987- Festival International de la Peinture/Cagnes-sur Mer Palais de l'Europe/Menton Galerie Clasen/New York City 1988- "Portrait de Femme" Palais de l'Europe/Menton Galerie Frye & Sohn/ Münster 1989- Patrica Judith Gallery/Boca Raton/Florida Biennale International D'Art Contemporain/Brignoles Gallery Clasen/New York City 1990- Amnesty International Expo/New York City 1992- Butler Institute of American Art/ Ohio, U.S.A 1993- Galerie Clasen/Cologne Brenda Taylor Gallery/Boston 1994- Galerie Clasen/Cologne 1996- Galerie Frye & Sohn/Münster 1999- Galerie Clasen/Cologne--group show Collaboration 1986- Artistic collaboration with Bayerischen Sparkassen u. Giroverband 1994- Artistic collaboration with Siemens Nixdorf Corp. 1995- Artistic collaboration with Seat Volkwagen Corp. 1998- Artistic collaboration with Apple Computer (Europe) Books: Delahaut, Jean-Robert; Lensac, Ewald B.; Shaw, Jackson. "Etien" - Herausgeber: "Terre D&#


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