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Alvaro Mendonca


Faro, Portugal

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加入时间: January 31, 2015


I was born in Faro, southern Portugal, in 1959. Studied painting at Lisbon University Fine Arts School until 1985.
Since I remember I always loved the magic of photography.
I use to help my father on his black and white laboratory and I remember the mystery of images coming out from those strange liquids and incredible papers.
Later I also studied about photography at Fine Arts School and worked with it in many graphic design projects.
I learned that the photographer has to be "there", in the right time, to get the picture. Sometimes we have to turn back to the place... and wait.
Here I present a selection of photos from my collection as kind of documentary about my work with image capture.
In 30 years of work on image concept, I explored the main ways to enjoy the power and the mistery of image: drawing, painting and photography. Although the human figure is my favorite subject, I explored other motives like abstract and landscape, as well as different supports and mediums: from the oil or acrylic artwork in canvas or paper, to the fantastic and sophisticated manipulation of digital image.


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图像供稿人 Faro, Portugal, Portugal

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