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My name is David Woodberry and am a freelance animal (dogs/cats in particular) and flower photographer, shooting for stock and for private clients who include pet stores, families, pet owners and magazines. I also do design work for cd and book covers. Basically I will shoot anything that I consider beautiful or humorous. with the hope to evoke from others the aesthetic delight and laughter that I felt when seeing the image. I have a small studio in my home in Brentwood, California, use a Canon 5D and have Canon 24-70 L, an Canon 70-300 DO, and a Canon 100 EF macro. I am also a member of the Professional Photographers Association and subscribe to what I consider the best photo magazine around - Photo District News. You are welcome to contact me with anything with which I may be able to help. Good luck to all.
Canon 5D body and Canon 24-70 L, Canon 70-300 DO, Canon 100 EF macro lens. Also use 2 1000 watt Britek lights, a couple of light tents and a Manfrotto Bogen 3047 tripod.
Abstracts of nature, especially involving water. Dogs and cats, children, plus anything beautiful or funny.

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