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Dan Newcomb


North vancouver, Canada

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加入时间: June 14, 2006

Good photographers have an innate ability to see ordinary subjects in an extraordinary way and are able to share their vision with the viewer. I strive to capture the perfect picture but know I’ll probably never capture it. I’m my own worst critic and my favorite picture is always my next exposure. Photography is an ever changing and an ongoing learning experience. I enjoy experimenting with this medium and I hope you find my photos pleasing.
Nikon D70, 70-300mm, 18-70mm, 12-24mm, 60mm macro, B&W 093 infrared filter, B&W circular polarizer filter, Pentax digital spot meter, Sekonic flash meter, two strobes with soft boxes, multiple 35mm film SLRs that are currently collecting dust.
I enjoy the classic landscapes as well as experimenting with new or different angles and techniques. Animals are always a favorite subject of mine as I try to capture their individual personalities. I also like to shoot in the studio from time to time.


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图像供稿人 North Vancouver, Canada, Canada

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