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Martin Olšanský


London, Czech Republic

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加入时间: June 15, 2010


As one of many small children dreaming about wake up with super powers, once I woke up with something more. Long time I was walking the streets of big city life, disgusted with greed of rich and poverty of their slaves, disgusted of unfair play of life, disgusted in materialistic world, where love is counted by the change in your pocket. Whores selling their souls, junkies looking for golden shots, drunken bums pissing in their home in a night trains, mothers leaving their babies in a trash, kids dying for hunger. Seems like the love is gone because of money,
The puppet show has such a beautiful theatre, but we are swallowing dirt and stomping the sky. Aint wanna be like that, do you? Follow your dreams...
Wacom pen tablet
Comics, art, street art, music, techno, pop art


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图像供稿人 London, Czech Republic, Czech Republic

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