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Life is hectic!,...and in the midst of it, a quick glance at a colorful cartoon illustration as you scan across a printed page, screen, or billboard can add just enough levity for that moment to help ease the viewer's day.
It's medicinal! Not prescribed. Not a written ingredient to the masterplan but a stealthy contributor.
If you're like me, you grew up doodling the whole way through until you came to realize that (for better or worse) this was what you were meant to do. It's what THE CREATOR designed you to do.
With that realization I completed my education in art, and with alot of help I figured out how to make it work.
I've been freelancing full-time now since 1990 and can admit that I'm not rich,...but richer for it.
I understand this when I'm at the drawing table and I catch my face in a smile because of 'whatever it is' that my brain and my right hand have just come up with.
Pen and ink and Adobe Illustrator. Other equipment I use would include; Old Farmall Tractors, Fender guitars and amps, a few assorted dumbells, and a Norelco electric razor.
people, animals, vehicles of all types


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