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JesusPixs is the only creative digital image provider we know of - dedicated solely to the artistic photographic representation of Jesus Crist. We know His image has the power to inspire love for God, fellow human beings and help make this world a better place. JesusPixs takes great care to make sure our images capture real spiritual emotions, God’s beauty, blessings, love and lots of light.

No detail is too small - like the authentic Crown of Thorns from Jerusalem, custom handmade biblical clothing and special effect close-ups used in cinematography. Best of all, our Jesus model loves God and does not require a fake beard or wig to portray Jesus Christ.

JesusPixs also offers a custom photography and retouch service if you need a specific Jesus image, message or background that is not posted on the site.

If you need Jesus to appear at your event, our model is available to go on-location for photo shoots, event appearances, television, theatre productions or anything else you can think of. Contact us at JesusPixs.com

Please tell us what you need and we will do our best to make it happen. We hope you enjoy using these very special digital images and invite you to check back often for inspiring new JesusPixs.com digital assets.


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