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Classic Car Photography is a particular interest of mine, as well as landscapes, abstracts, and just about anything else that presents a great photographic opportunity. Manipulating and fine tuning images in Photoshop is an area that I find interesting.
In the Spring of 2004, DavidGphotography was created and I focused on photographing automobiles and motorcycles. Car shows have been the best place to exercise this passion.
If you stop by my booth at a car show, you’ll see many samples of framed Custom Photo Collages and Show Signs that I have completed for clients. Photo Collages are best described as several photos taken of the car from different angles, including semi transparent images of the car, motor, or interior as part of the collage. All of the images are artfully arranged with great attention to detail and precision. I spend many hours on each collage. Show Signs perform a couple of different functions. They provide a pictorial as well as an editorial platform to display a person's vehicle in a professional manor.
Living in the Pacific Northwest presents itself to some great scenery. An example of that scenery is captured on a Sandy, Oregon postcard of Mt. Hood from Jonsrud Viewpoint.
I'm also accruing some nice photos, some which have not yet been released. Photography is in my blood, and I look forward to every photo session.
Thank, you, David
Nikon D300 with Nikkor 24-70 lens
Classic Cars, landscapes, Scenery, interesting subjects, stock photography

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