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Daren Wilson


Boulder, United States

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加入时间: June 3, 2006


Half my photography is really to support my addiction to 3DCG with textures and photo reference. For the rest, i love to capture moments of life and character of critters, experiment with difficult lighting conditions, and provide good photos where they may be of service to others.
Sony DSC-F707 with various filters. Desklamps for small subjects. White and metal objects for cheap-o reflectors. My other camera, at my day job, cost over three billion dollars (mostly for delivery) but is only one megapixel. It takes a team of a dozen to point and shoot. It really belongs to NASA ;-)
small objects of all kinds, insects, animals in unusual places, electronics/mechanical/technical, people and creatures thinking/daydreaming/contemplating or at work, and closeup texture shots such as sand, cloth.

图像供稿人 Boulder, United States, United States

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