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Cluj Napoca, Romania

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I'm a Romanian landscape and nature photographer passionate about discovering new places in which nature can be found in its most beautiful shapes.

I have this passion for photography since I was a kid and I held the first camera in my hands; it was an old camera, on film, of course. The years passed by and the passion continued to grow in my soul in the same time with my passion for nature. Hiking on mountains, hearing the silence and the bird's songs and seeing the landscapes in different times of a day made me to never forget my camera at home because I want to stop the time in my photos and show to the people how many beauty is surrounding us. ​​
​For me photography is not just taking photos is a way of life is my sense of life. It gives me happiness, fulfillment, and reasons to wake up early in the morning to capture the sunrise or to go in the middle of the night to capture the color game of stars. Photography is like an extension of who am I, it's my belief.
Nikon D810
nature, winter, autumn, mountains, wildlife


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