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Damian Gretka


Bieruń, Poland

1,139 个文件

151 次销售

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加入时间: May 28, 2009


My adventure with the photograph started a dozen or so years ago. Architecture, the still life, as well as arrangements of clouds were a main topic of my photographs on the heavenly vault. I also made photographs of products and machines for ZTS companies "Erg-Bieruń" jsc, NITROERG jsc, MIWO-MILITARY which are being used for the publication in the press general, specialist as well as in the technical documentation, advertising and on web pages. Thanks of the several years' cooperation with the photographic studio, I could participate in many interesting projects and gain experience at the work with the studio illumination. At present I perform photographic services in a wedding photograph - outdoor, documentary and photographic panoramas which are creating the peculiar form of the commercial photography. All acquired experience makes up to the fact that today I can combine my working life and passion a photograph is which. Photographs made for the purposes of STOCK services are a new project.
Camera: NIKON D700 Lens: SIGMA EX 24-70mm f2.8


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