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Melbourne, Australia

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加入时间: April 8, 2006

Epson scanner, iMac, Canon EOS 350D and variety of lenses, Sony Cybershot for illustration research and a 25 year old collection of any and all traditional media for illustration :)
I illustrate traditionally in line, gouache, lino and other media. My partner scans line art ready for conversion to bitmap TIFF by buyers with enough resolution to achieve the industry standard 1200ppi. This also keeps the rough texture of the markers I use. Line art can also be used for channels or other repro effects or vectorised. My colour work is usually isolated on white perhaps with clipping paths. The watercolour paper texture might not be desirable for stock. I draw inspiration for stock from the lists of desired imagery and my own interests in things to do with the kitchen and garden.

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图像供稿人 Melbourne, Australia, Australia

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