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Corey A. Ford


Rochester Hills, United States

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加入时间: January 21, 2009


Painting and creating art has been my passion my entire life. I have worked in many different mediums and if you visit my website you can see some examples. I'm trying to emulate the great illuminary atist by the name of Frederic Edwin Church who used a lot of light and detail as one of the 'Hudson River' painters. Undoubtedly, Maxfield Parrish has had an impact on my art as one of my visitors pointed out in my painting called 'Memories'. I love a lot of Parrish's paintings. My main subjects are science fiction, space, marine, beautiful women, cowboys, landscapes, fractal abstract, horse, unicorns, pegasi and Egyptian. Many of my fine art paintings have been sold and are now in private collections throughout the USA. My digital art is used in prints for private collections and also used in advertisement, book covers, CD covers and computer games all over the world. Beginning in late 2003, I began dabbling in digital art and found it very much to my liking and have produced over 1000+ digital paintings since then. I'm always trying to improve my work in an ongoing process. I'm also continuing to work in oil painting. Some of my paintings are for sale as mentioned on this website. Hope you enjoy my work and visit my gallery often to see my new paintings. Awards: 'Artist of the Month' in Warren, Michigan in 1986. 'Artist of the Month' in Sterling Heights, Michigan in 1987. 'Honorable Mention' Award 1986 - Warren Society of Arts 'Honorable Mention' Award 1990 - Warren Society of Arts 'Terragen Silver' Award 2005 - Terranuts Website 'Digital Artworks Gallery' Award 2005 for 'White Jasmine' by Digital Artworks Gallery Website 'Terragen Bronze' Award 2006 for 'Zaxix' by Terranuts Website 'Honorable Mention' Award 2006 - Redico Art Show 'Outstanding' Award 2006 - Redico Art Show 'Zazzle Showcase Award Winner' 2007 for 'The Guardians' by Zazzle Website '2D Terranuts Award' in 2007 for 'Rare Princess' by Terranuts Website. 'Zazzle Showcase Award Winner' 2007 for 'Dark Passion' by Zazzle Website 'Star of Excellence for Artistic Design' 2009 for 'Hawaiian Orchid' by Awesome Zazzlers - Zazzle Website 'Terranuts Showcase Award' 2010 for 'Rare Princess' by Terranuts Website Featured on 'The Best
Tools I use in making my digital art works: Terragen with Animation Bryce Apophysis Alien Skin Plugins Flaming Pear Plugins Photoshop Painter Universe - stand alone Universe Plugins Paint Shop Pro Statagen Vue Poser
Space and the Universe Seascapes Fantasies


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