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Fernando Pacheco


New York, United States

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加入时间: March 16, 2006


I specialize in Ecommerce Product Photography in NYC. Beautiful images on white backgrounds designed to sell products on Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, or whatever ecommerce platform you use.

If you have a premium brand, sell luxury goods, or do custom made and made to order pieces then give me a call. Just look to Instagram for proof that product photography is essential to online retail.

You make things. You sell things. You pour your heart and soul into getting those things in front of the right people. My job is to make sure that when they see your things they love them as much as you do. That's not easy, but that's the problem I solve for ecommerce clients every day.
Canon 60D Rokinon 35mm 100mm Macro Assorted Canon Lenses A ton of vintage glass
Product photography, Still Life, Luxury Goods, Street Scenes, Food, Automotive


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图像供稿人 New York, United States, United States

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