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Jeremy Courtney


Brooklyn , United States

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加入时间: March 15, 2017


We are Cigburn Film Productions, a company that has crafted a variety of film projects within NYC and around the tri-state area. After graduating from NYFA, we formed a team, joining ideas and experiences in 2014 and have since offered a great deal of enthusiasm, style and experience in the production of short films, documentaries, music videos, wedding events and commercials.

Creative resources offered by Cigburn Films: Cinematography, Photography, Editing, Event logistics for on-site project coordination. We have the resources and dedication, to help you the client, bring your passion projects to life!
Canon T5i 2 Canon 7D Manfrotto Monopod Magnus Tripod Pilotfly Stablizer Sigma Lens


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图像供稿人 Brooklyn , United States, United States

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