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加入时间: February 4, 2010

I remembered one of my birthday present is a camera, while i was little i like all kinds of visual stuff especially it is nice and allure. I have been thinking to be a photographer just for a few second my parents won't approve to do so.

2010 February a few days ago I found Dreamstime can help me to show my angle of my allure photos to the world how lovely it is! In 2008 I have a business trip to Israel, I brought with my camera to have nice shot, it comes out amazingly satisfy indeed.

My photo is one catch only, that means just the catch of the light, the view, the moment - i refuse and never like to make any adjustment through photoshop. ONE CATCH

I never have had professional training, everything is my angle, my catch. Starting from this moment i will go to any angle of the world to catch. Thanks for audience.
Lumix FZ-10
Nature, landscape, architect, plant

图像供稿人 Hk, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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