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I started photography in the early 80’ and at this time I did not really know what impact this career will have on me. I worked in a product photography studio for a few years and learned the techniques and patience to take a picture.
The technique were the lighting , the use of the camera and the black and white lab work.
But the first thing I learned was the patience and the set up. To go from a product to the picture, the preparation was certainly what made me love photography. I was able to develop a certain artistic sense. The possibility to create a ambiance to show one product is really fascinating. That is where we need patience. It can take time before being satisfied. And I must say that with the time, (more than 30 years now) it does not get easier, because all the time I try to do something different.
At the same time I started to take artistic picture. First it was may be more to develop my skills in photography, the different techniques, the lighting. This is when I really start to think that any picture needs to have an artistic touch. This makes the difference between snapshot and taking a picture.
Since the time I started to take fine art photography, I looked at things or people in a different way. My eye is always looking for an image that can be immortalized by a photograph. The mind remembers a lot of things, situations or words. A picture, for the one that takes it, all different kind of senses. The first of course is the view, you see what you take. Then comes the feeling developing the souvenir. And then the imagination will continue to reveal senses such as smell, sensation of cold or warm, laugh or sadness and many other kind of feeling.
I feel very lucky to be able to work is the photography area. It is my work and my passion. When someone look at one of my pictures and see what I was modestly trying to express, I start to thing that I took a good picture.
Canon 5d MarkII, Canon L serie lenses
All kind of photografs


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