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Cesare Bargiggia


San Colombano Al Lambro, Italy

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加入时间: May 11, 2016


My name is Casare Bargiggia, I was born on August 21, 1979 in Codogno, elegant town of the province of Lodi but which at that time belonged to the province of Milan. In Italy.
Since childhood I had some interest in photography. My father, Carlo, surgeon, owned a Minolta srT303 jealously guarding so that I could not use it.
The first shots I made them with the most versatile Polaroid (do not remember the model) . I lost tracks of the Polaroid over the years, but the Minolta continues to show off if on my bookshelf.
After childhood was long before the lure of photography came back to bite, it was with the advent of digital compact cameras, the increasingly frequent use of lighted violently the passion for photography.
So it was that at Christmas 2010, my girlfriend gave me the first digital SLR camera, a Sony Alpha 290 ...
Today I live in the hills of San Colombano al Lambro, in the province of Milan. The countryside where I live has led me to develope and follow the landscape photography, also because I have always loved and admired Ansel Adams.
I am trying steadily to let people know my vision of these hills and why I love them through photography.
Keep following!
Canon EOS 1200D Canon 85mm 1:1.8 Sigma 18-35 mm 1:1.8 iPhone6 Benro Travel Angel
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图像供稿人 San Colombano Al Lambro, Italy, Italy

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