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Deborah Pearse


Byron Bay, Australia

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加入时间: September 14, 2013


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I have two passions in life, one is my love for young people and I earn a living as a youth worker and the second is my love of birds (particularly raptors). I live in Byron, which is perfect for bird observation and photography.
Until about five years ago I didn’t even notice birds but after a very long-term relationship ended I began walking and ‘waking up’ to the beauty around me. Strangely birds kept tapping at my window, flying in front of my car and hovering over my head. They seemed to demand that I take notice of them.
I did some short courses in photography and web design, bought a new SLR digital camera and lens and began taking pretty terrible photos.
It has been a process of some years now and my great joy is found perched in a little creek in an estuary and photographing the Osprey or wandering around the wetlands and photographing the many birds there. I love it because it helps me chill out, I’m totally in the moment, it restores my soul, I learn so much by watching bird behaviors and I am always reminded that it is a beautiful world.
I built a website and so I can share all those gorgeous images with others. I’ve also become a lot more interested in the environment and how we protect it.
Canon 7D, 150-500mm F5-6.3 APO DG OS
Photography, reading, walking, yoga, gardening


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