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Brice Ferré is a well established commercial and portrait photographer in Vancouver, BC.

He was born in Rennes, France.
His photographs are visually evident, capturing the "decisive moment".

After graduating from film school in 2003, Brice moved to Paris, starting a career in the film industry.
One of his first assignment was assistant editor on an animal documentary. Presented by Warner Independent Pictures and National Geographic Feature Films "March of the Penguins", became a box office hit and Oscar winning documentary touching the hearts of audiences around the globe.

Brice Ferré had remained in the film industry for quite a number of years. His time spent in Paris was shared between his film editing and his love of photography.

In 2009 Brice decided to follow his long sought after dream and moved to Canada.
His passion for photography soon became an obvious career and, whether it is for portraits at his Vancouver studio, or for larger commercial jobs on location, all around Canada, Brice is now happy and proud to devote all of his time and energy doing what he loves most. Photographing people.

When he is not photographing big commercial projects, Brice also works on personal fine-art projects. His nude fine art series have been widely popular in Vancouver.
Canon 5D Mark II and Mark III 24-70mm f/2.8 70-200mm f/4 50mm f/1.2 85mm f/1.2
People and Mountains


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