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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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加入时间: March 28, 2008

Graduated from the Malaysia Institute of Arts, Bonnie started her photography career with a boutique advertising agency in 1990. After two years, she decided to move and joined Malaysia’s leading English newspaper, The Star Publications. She was assigned to the news desk for seven years before moving on to the magazine arm of the company. There, she had the opportunity to broaden her photography portfolio and experience as she worked on capturing lifestyle shots for food, entertainment and business magazines.

After a 12-year stint with The Star Publications, Bonnie decided it was time for her to move to the next level in her professional career. With her extensive experience in the industry, she is much sought after by corporate, FMCG, telecommunications as well as luxury fashion and lifestyle brands. She has certainly grown from a junior news and events photographer to a versatile professional photographer. Her work extends to indoor studio food shoots to entertainment, wedding, travel and fashion. She has also been commissioned by regional clients for photo shoots around the world.

Bonnie’s recent trip to the Arctic is one of many things-to-do as a photographer. The Jewel of the Arctic – A Photo Exhibition by Bonnie Yap is also her first and solo photo exhibition. Bonnie’s next goal is to visit the Antarctica in 2015 and hopes to host her second solo exhibition in 2016.
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图像供稿人 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Malaysia

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