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加入时间: February 12, 2013

My life has been as eclectic as my photo images. I was born an eon ago in East Los Angeles, California, and bought my first “good” camera there - an Argus C3 35mm. I enlisted in the US Air Force in 1951 - playing sax in a military band. In 1953, I earned his pilot wings and commission, and soon was flying the F94C jet interceptor. During a break in military service I worked as a city cop in Tucson, worked as a mortician’s assistant, and obtained a BA from the University of Arizona. Moving back to Califronia, taught school at Stanford (the elementary school, not the college), and earned a Master’s degree from Cal State University, Long Beach. Recalled to active duty in 1962, O was stationed in Alaska, Montana, Georgia, and Ohio - then sent to Vietnam in 1972 where I commanded a small radar site at Pleiku. After that adventure came Thailand, Germany, and California - where I retired as a USAF major in 1975. After military retirement, I became a leader a leader in the incorporation of Moreno Valley, California, a member of its first City Council and then served as Mayor Pro-Tem. In 1995 we moved to Anchorage, Alaska. Politics was not forgotten. I was elected to the Alaska State Legislature in have served as a State Representative sinve 1973.
I’ve been married to Marlene Wagner Lynn from Missouri for over 60 years (met her during flying school), am the father of 6, grandfather of 21, and great-grandfather of 2. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that I’m getting old (but not yet decrepit) . Unfortunately, none of this background included photography school.
Nikon D7000
I call my photos “eclectic images” because they are diverse subjects, locations, and styles. If I like it I click it.

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