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加入时间: July 8, 2015

I have enjoyed photography since I was quite young. More recently, I have run a candle shop for ten years, for which I created personalized candles. Many of the designs incorporated photographs, which I enhanced using photo-editing software, to create a unique design that would please the customer. Indeed my customers were always very happy with my designs, which gave me a great feeling.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to give up my shop in 2012. At my age, retiring was simply not an option. But I had always kept up to date with photography equipment and editing techniques. I’m skilled in painting and I am trained in commercial displays, commercial drawing and color theory. So it was natural for me to focus on stock photography: it means doing what I have always loved to do, using skills and knowledge from my experiences in life, at school, and in my candle shop.

To my delight, the first ten photographs I uploaded for review on Dreamstime were all approved! What a sensational feeling! I am happy to have found a new focus in my life: taking lots of pictures and turning them into beautiful creations. I enjoy creative challenges and have always aimed at satisfying customers.
So that’s what I commit myself to do!
Abstract, Animals, Arts & Architecture, Business, Holiday, Nature, Objects, Illustrations & Clipart, Technology, Travel, Industries.

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