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As a photographer, I'm self-taught. Around the age of eight, I would sneak my Mom's 126 camera out of the house and shoot pictures around the Texas country side. When a birthday or other holiday rolled around, my Mom would be baffled that she was out of film. She’d be even more baffled when the pictures came back from the lab… I fessed up and was rewarded with my own little camera when Christmas came.

When I was 15, I spent the summer working to buy my first 35mm and shortly after that I landed a job in the local camera store. By the time I was 17, I was running their professional lab, assisting several photographers, shooting stills on film sets, shooting for the school paper and yearbook and having success in several gallery showings.

I've never had a class in photography. Everything I know, I learned on the job, from someone I worked with or from reading. When my personal work led me to a point where I was being asked to shoot, I started shooting.... and the fact that people were offering money for this seemed, well, incredible.

Instead of trying to impose “my ” on the “subject”, I try to find the qualities of the individual, group or product and let that inform how we shoot: outdoor or studio, composition, ward-robe, all of it.

Among all the fascinating aspects of photography, I LOVE going for conceptual shots, which give a feel for my creativity and sense of fun.


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图像供稿人 Van Nuys, United States, United States

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