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I have been a photographer about 60 years now. As a photographer/visual artist I strive to create images that accurately represent what I saw at the moment I squeezed the shutter. The digital age has made that easier to do as with film you were always dependent upon the processing which could and often did influence the tone and colour rendering of the final product. In order to achieve my goal I always shoot and save in RAW/DNG format as this way there is no in camera processing adjusting tone or colour based upon some alogarithm in the camera firmware. In fact I enjoy the post processing of images almost as much as getting out with my camera on photo shoots. I enjoy photographing a wide range of subjects with a focus on landscapes, flowers, macrophotography, animals and birds and more recently adding still life photographs of a variety of objects. I also enjoy taking portraits of people and animals. You will find a variety of images in my collections so please browse through and look at my different collections. I hope you enjoy my photography. I also have a pixels website: so most of my images can be licensed as well as turned into the many fine products offered here on Fine Art America. I hope you enjoy my photography and please come back often for visits as I am continually adding new images. Please feel free to contact me. All images my are protected by International Copyright Laws.
Pentax K30; 17-50mm Tamron;90 mm Tamron macro; Pentax DA* 60-250mm; Sigma 12-24mm; Pentax DA 35 mm;Petax FA 50mm; various flashes, tripods etc. Minolta Maxuum 7000; 35-70mm zoom;70-200 mm zoom;500mm Tele;300mm tele; 2800AF flash;UV and circular polarizer; slave flash; various tripods/monopods; Lumiquest softbox and other flash modifiers; light tent and lights
landscapes; nature; animals; birds; flowers;people


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