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I'm a writer, blogger, textile artist and shutterbug of the family. I see the world in words, sounds, images and colors. Writing is the hardest work I've ever loved. I'm a two time non-smoking lung cancer survivor. That type of thing tends to leave a mark on your life, especially when your first bout is at the age of 28. I also deal with autoimmune disorders. It makes life interesting and sometimes you observe more than others.

Years ago I had a SLR camera I used often. Somehow it was lost in a series of moves. I moved into the digital age and for a season used point and shoot cameras that took some respectable images. I've upgraded to my DSLR and am now working on developing the same bond with it I had with my SLR.
Canon EOS Rebel T3i
Nature; textiles; images from my travels; pets; family; food


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