主题月赛 - The unseen reality

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April 19, 2018
Photography is often the best and fastest way to see nowadays realities worldwide. From flowers, smiling people to sports events and wars, photography mainly shows reality through an objective camera eye. The more accurate, the better. For this assignment, we challenge you to a different perspective: show us the unseen reality.

Real facts under YOUR lens
When we say unseen, we mean the usually unnoticed. Reality cannot be anything else than real, they say. So it should be but reality is also very much subjective. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder so we're asking you to document your reality, what you find or see relevant in the instances you capture. For example, you may choose to focus on the staff peeping from behind the curtain rather than on the politician giving a speech, you may focus on the totally uninteresting food plate while the eater remains anonymously blurred, on someone's sad eyes while they're smiling, on the creepy, abandoned building in the corner of a luxurious estate, on a background dancer rather than the prima ballerina. And speaking of ballerinas, they may look like fairies but nobody sees their bleeding feet inside the pointe. The unnoticed is a very generic category that allows you to play with anything and everything in real life, from nature to people. From the little documented gang life to intricate ants' city, we're interested in anything that usually goes unnoticed.

Your own personal reality
This means to own, appropriate and personalize the reality you see, to insert yourself into this reality somehow, even if it would be to just leave the signature on the painting. You may have a favorite color, add it as dominant color: the ocean may be violet, the trees may be red, the yellow cab may be orange. You may have a favorite unusual shooting angle or filter. Use whatever characterizes you to shoot, focus and enhance the reality you're witnessing as photographer or artist. We won't say no to Picasso-style depictions of a football game. Exaggerated proportions, reversed perspectives, creative filters or simply your own interpretations of reality are a few examples. The sun in a street lamp, unicorns in the backyard, see the world in a drop of water, in a bauble of soap, in the reflection of a puddle in the street. Add magic, fantasy and creativity to the reality you're witnessing and remember reality is complex, with both good and bad. You are at liberty with your subject but we're looking forward to discover the undiscovered, see angles we would have never thought of.

The realities most pleasant to see will be rewarded with $300 (first place), $200 (second place) and $100 (the third place) and a real branded t-shirt.

Upload both Royalty Free and Editorial files as follows and mark them as "assignment files":

1. upload the image via FTP or via upload page.
The image is now in your unfinished files, please do not edit the image from the unfinished files folder at all, instead go to the next step.
2. go to assignment page, choose escalate to level 5 or sell the rights option and hit submit.
3. choose the file you will be submitting to the assignment from the row of already uploaded images under the assignment text.
4. continue upload as usual.

Good luck!