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I am a professional artist and photographer living in a small village in a remote agricultural region of NE Thailand near the Mekong River and Lao border. I live with my wife and our baby boy and her extended family.

I was born in England and worked in Town Planning and as a Geologist in East Africa and Australia. I was a senior IT executive for the worlds largest mining company and a consortium of petroleum companies. Then I worked as a management consultant and established a commercial stonefruit orchard in the Darling Ranges near Perth in Western Australia.

I studied art and for the past decade have worked as an artist my work can be seen in my web gallery (the first in Australia) at

I am well known in Australia for my landscapes, flower studies and nudes. However recently my work has become increasingly imaginative.

I started doing my own developing and printing using dishes in my wardrobe and under the bed as a 12 year old child in England. Subsequently I have had several darkrooms and worked with Cibachrome. I have a collection of tens of thousands of my photos and have been using digital cameras for many years as a source for my painting.

I have been living in Thailand on and off for 2 years and in the last few months have got back into serious photography after acquiring a Canon EOS 20D.
Canon EOS 20D
Thailand, Australia, Thai food and people. Figure studies of my wife.


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图像供稿人 A.ponpisai, Thailand, Thailand

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