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My career has seen me through a background of working in commerce managing other businesses or running my own. It has spanned paints, print, restaurants and consultancy, throughout photography has played a major part, in particular my time in print. I was fortunate enough to have a commercial and professional darkrooms where many a peaceful day was spent basically playing with processes and my toys.

Now I work in Accountancy with a communications company and photography still plays a major role in my personal life.

For stock photographs is to take the best picture I can visualise under prevailing conditions presented at trigger time and provide them with least amount of post production. I leave the creative aspect of my raw material to other people.

For my portfolio I will take a distinctly different approach, when I get round to making one.

We have two family cars but my favourite mode of transport is motorbike, I have an Indian made red cruiser. In my region, the Indian weather apart from the smog, heat and haze is great for riding. I unwind by writing fun blogs about life in general and my roadtrips. When I can add some good friends, intelligent chat, a cold beer or a malt whisky (or both), some TLC and good food, life is complete. Did I miss anything?

Many thanks for taking the time share my captures on Dreamstime, if you do buy from me, I hope that you will be pleased with our purchase and it works well for you. Many thanks.
Yashica electro minolta 16mm canon A1 canon 400d canon 5d mark 2 various lenses, filters, bits & pieces and studio gear Dxo Cs5 drawing pad
no favourite subject, almost everything has an appeal to someone, if it looks good or interesting, shoot it

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