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Angela Wooldridge

Born in Texas, Angela Wooldridge has lived in the Boston area for 25 years. She earned a BS at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas in 1991. She has been photographing since 1985, which has taken her to many cities. Her work has been seen in several publications from issues of The Improper Bostonian to the documentary Salt Magazine in Portland, ME. She has also shown her work publicly in galleries in Boston such as the Boston Convention Center.

First emerging as a film photographer via photojournalism and studio work, she has recently moved on to the digital photo medium. She believes it is a better tool to transform normal everyday objects into obscure and curious subject matter. Adding substance, textures and images to everyday objects, gives her a refreshed unique view of familiar sights.

She has currently resides in North Andover, MA.
Camera, iMac


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