Joe Sohm


Oak View, United States

在此期间曾被选为特色摄影师November 1, 2012 和 November 8, 2012

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JOSEPH SOHM America’s Photo Historian Joseph has a love affair for America. Spanning 30 years, he photographed the 50 states and published more than 100,000 times in publications such as National Geographic, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, as well as on CNN, ABC, PBS and MSNBC. His President Clinton photo is featured on the back-cover of his book My Life and in his Presidential Library. Sohm’s images are featured in Frederick J. Ryan’s portrait of Ronald Reagan, The Great Communicator; on ABC’s “The View,” Al Gore’s Oscar-winning film An Inconvenient Truth; NBC’s 9/11 memorial, Concert for America; on the “Today Show,” in “Night at the Museum,” and on John Grisham’s King of Torts cover. Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report featured Sohm cover images while the State Department features his work in ten embassies. In 2000, he photographed and co-created with Marianne Williamson, “Imagine – What America Could be in the 21st Century.” In 2009 he published “Visions of America – Photographing Democracy” which features Paul Theroux’s foreword. This book won a Gold (“IPPY”) and Silver Medal (“Nautilus Book Award”) and three Telly’s for music-videos based upon the book. The State Department acquired 100 of his books for diplomatic gifts for the USA Pavilion for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. In 2009, he also produced, photographed and wrote, “Visions of America – a Photo Symphony Concert for America.” In five sold-out concerts, Peter Nero and the Philly Pops performed the original score of Grammy-winning, Oscar nominated Roger Kellaway and the songs of Oscar & Grammy winning, Alan and Marilyn Bergman. With vocal performances by Grammy winning Patti Austin and narration by Clint Eastwood, “Visions of America Concerts” will perform with the Boston Pops throughout 2012, under the musical direction of Keith Lockhart. In 2010, the Ojai Studio Artists tour made him an honorary lifetime member. In 2011, Webster Groves High School added him to their “Wall of Fame.” And in 2012, Ventura, California featured him as a “Focus on the Masters” honoree. Joseph and his wife Leslie Plimpton reside in Ojai, California.
Canon 5D Mark 2 and Fuji 6 x 17 Panoramic Camera on 120 medium format Fuji Velvia Film
Americana, travel, cities, landscapes, Presidential Politics and environment


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